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ROM Museum

A group project re-designing the ROM website to make it a more immersive experience for its users, more specifically emulating an in-person museum environment virtually. The system will provide its users with a virtual museum experience, as because of the pandemic, they cannot visit museums in-person. 

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The system will not only emulate a museum experience virtually, but will provide an enhanced experience by allowing users to do virtual tours, search databases and get information about all artefacts, attend classes and seminars, as well as be able to simultaneously experience the website with others. The system content will not only support the main target audience of teens and young adults, but will also provide a fulfilling experience for users experiencing limitations, such as dyslexia and others, that are usually not able to enjoy the in-person experience.

For this study, we conducted testing sessions with 4 participants in order to gain feedback and insight into our prototype. Due to the circumstances we are experiencing, the testing was conducted as a Moderated Remote Testing session through a digital format, using the Zoom software. Given the remote environment of the testing, the location of the study is not defined, as both the researchers and participants were in different locations during the sessions. The remote testing allowed for us to get more feedback, as each participant was in a location that is comfortable and familiar to them.

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