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Apple Music

This project followed the prompt “Where do you think Apple Music will be in 10 years time?”

Virtual reality headsets will become much more popular and accessible in 2031 and almost everyone will have one. For those who do not have one, they can pay to watch the live performances from home, because passionate fans will pay a lot for artists they love. This will be a ticketed event where you can directly purchase tickets on the Apple Music application on any Apple device. The virtual reality aspect will be a collaboration between Apple Music and gaming technology such as PlayStation, where you can attend the concert using your console.

I developed three out of home activations. The bus stop ad was kept very simple with an image of a man in a VR headset with this blue/green glow around him to symbolize the lights at a club/concert setting, along with the Apple Music logo. I wanted to keep this more modern and sleek because it is meant to be straight to the point. This new feature on Apple Music will be highly known so the physical advertisements will be more simple. For the subway ad, I wanted to showcase how you can be in many different places by yourself but be connected through music/live concerts. All four figures are dancing with VR headsets on. It is kept very colourful and eye-catching so people look at it while they are waiting for their subway to arrive. As for the billboard ad, one side of the ad focused more on how people miss that face to face interaction of live concerts and the other showed an image of a man at a VR concert with the headset on. This shows a problem and solution ad.

Free Subway Horiz ontal Billboard Mockup_edited.jpg

I wanted to use the existing interface that Apple Music has at the moment, which is very effective and sleek. I think this will most likely change a bit in the next 10

years but I wanted to find a way to incorporate the VR concert feature in the existing application. In the redesign of the piece, I added a new tab in the bottom menu bar for concerts. The user is able to filter out different genres to find a concert they may enjoy. There is also a feature called ‘Concerts For You’ where there are suggestions of virtual concerts to attend based on your playlists and favourite artists. Once you select a concert you are able to select either of two experiences; a VR headset experience or a 360 degree live video you can watch. Then you are able to purchase your experience.

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