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MuslimFest Poster

A "Where's Waldo" themed illustrated denotative poster to show the birds eye view of the MuslimFest festival held in Mississauga, Ontario. 


It felt important to showcase how diverse and family-oriented MuslimFest really was, and also showing the audience the actual map of the festival. This would allow the audience to make a genuine connection with the location and to get an idea of what the festival would be like without even going to begin with. 


For the e-tickets I wanted to be sure that they were cohesive with the poster but especially cohesive with each other. I had kept the overall layout the same but had changed the background colours as well as the illustrations. I decided to place an illustration of the event on the ticket. These illustrations are also in the poster, allowing the e ticket to be cohesive with the poster.


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